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Destroying the Primary Myth: The COST of membership is too much

The value of membership is immeasurable; without the VOA, optometrists in Virginia would still be fixing only fitting glasses!

  • The current dues for OD’s in practice greater than 4 years is less than $1900*. The cost is lower for OD’s with fewer years of active practice. This expense is a write-off to your practice (consult your accountant). Dues include membership in the AOA, Southern Council (SECO), and VOA.
  • Only VOA members are sent updates on issues including HIPAA, Rx authority, policies, corporate practice laws, insurance code updates and more.
  • Only the VOA monitors legislation, regulations, policy changes, and attorney general opinions and promptly communicates the information to the membership.
  • Only members automatically receive discounts at conferences of the AOA, SECO, and VOA, with an annual cost savings to you of over $500 per year.*
  • Only VOA members receive classified ads to find employees, equipment, and more.
  • Only VOA members get to affiliate with a local society.
  • Only VOA members receive email and mailing addresses to all of the members in the state.

The VOA is your EYES, EARS, and VOICE for issues every OD will face politically, in business, in patient encounters, and more—The value for your dues is immeasurable!

*Based on 2020 data

More Benefits
  • Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy: The VOA is the only organization advocating for Virginia’s Optometrists
  • Discounts on virtual and in-person continuing education
  • Access to various Optometric partners and vendors, many whom provide discounts to VOA members
  • Membership in the American Optometric Association, Southern Council of Optometrists & VOA local societies
  • An informational resource for:
    • Third party care issues
    • Malpractice insurance
    • Practice/Employment solutions
    • Compliance with Virginia regulations
    • Scope of practice concerns
  • Quarterly newsletter with valuable practice information, timely practical news, updates, and classified ads
  • Assistance with patient and consumer complaints against members
  • VOA Monday Minute (Weekly practice update delivered to your inbox)
  • Assistance through a Peer Review Committee for any member who is audited by any state agency
  • Information resource to members with Board of Optometry-related issues, sanctions, or hearing
  • AOA Excel Group Purchasing Organization
  • Abyde
    - HIPAA compliance software for medical professionals
  • Croft Benefit Services (Assistance with health and life insurance plans)
  • Discounts on:
  • Numerous social and networking opportunities.
  • Leadership development programs - Virginia Optometric Leadership Training (VOLT)
VOA Behind the Scenes

The VOA Board of Trustees (BOT) is composed of elected officers and other members who volunteer their time and effort. The BOT work diligently with the VOA Executive Director, Bo Keeney to advance the profession while protecting the rights and privileges of Doctors of Optometry. Mr. Keeney is very familiar with the problems facing optometry: access, recognition, and fairness. He has 16+ years of service and is adept at dealing with vision-care plans, medical plans, any-willing-provider legislation, post-operative care, and regulatory agencies. He maintains a full staff to assist all members with their Optometric or membership needs. Mr. Keeney also serves as Vice President of International Association of Optometric Executives and on the AOA Education Committee.


Each year, policy issues affecting optometry are considered and debated in the United States Congress and the Virginia General Assembly. Lend your voice and make sure the right decisions are made. As with most special interests, strength lies in numbers. Get involved in the legislative process, and/or participate in grassroots initiatives. When a legislator hears from a VOA member optometrist, he or she knows that behind that voice is an entire membership concerned with that particular issue. When you get involved in legislative and public policy, we all see the benefits in quality patient care, our businesses and across our profession!

Your VOA dues cannot be used to advocate legislative for the profession - it’s important to contribute to the Virginia Optometric Political Action Committee (VOPAC) and the American Optometric Political Action Committee (AOAPAC).

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All doctor members of the Virginia Optometric Association are licensed to practice Optometry in Virginia.

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