Virginia Optometric Association

The Virginia Optometric Association (VOA) is committed to improving vision and eye health for all Virginians in order to promote the art and science of Optometry. We take every opportunity to promote our members, the profession of Optometry, and the improvement of materials, methods, education and technology available. The Association supports and assists the Commonwealth of Virginia in the enforcement of laws and regulations relating to the field of Optometry. By holding our members to the highest standards of competence and integrity, we ensure their practices merit the confidence of the public. We are the Voice of Virginia Optometrists.

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Welcome New Members!

  • Elle Cornman
  • Kylie Donohue, O.D.
  • Mark Eaves
  • Kelly Faulkner, O.D.
  • Adam Kunovski, O.D.
  • Nick Oudompradith
  • Bhoomi Patel, O.D.
  • Kesha Patel, O.D.
  • Abhner Wang, O.D.

Some Benefits of VOA Membership

  • VOA is an informational resource for doctors when considering:
    • What vision and medical panels to join
    • How to find an associate
    • What buying groups to join
    • Malpractice insurance
    • Forming partnerships with other OD’s or physicians
  • VOA provides a newsletter with valuable practice information, timely practical news, updates, and classified ads
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