1. To improve the vision care and health of the public and to promote the art and science of the profession of Optometry.
  2. To promote in all lawful ways the welfare of the members of the Association, the profession of Optometry, and the improvement of materials, methods, education, technology and competence of individuals practicing therein.
  3. To support the laws and regulations of the Commonwealth of Virginia relating to the profession of Optometry and to assist in the enforcement thereof.
  4. To assist the Virginia Board of Optometry in the proper discharge of its duties.
  5. To advance the theory, practice, art and science of Optometry and its allied arts and sciences; to enhance the status of optometrists, and to improve the delivery of vision care services.
  6. To coordinate national, state and local activities in furtherance of the objectives of this Association.
  7. To develop programs for the education of consumers of vision care and health services.
  8. To encourage the development and innovations in health care delivery systems.
  9. To promote conduct by optometrists in their practices which exhibit the highest standards of competence and integrity such that their practices may merit the confidence of the public


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