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Each year, policy issues affecting optometry are considered and debated in the United States Congress and the Virginia General Assembly. Lend your voice and make sure the right decisions are made. Get involved in the legislative process, participate in grassroots initiatives and/or support the Virginia Optometric Political Action Committee (VOPAC) and the American Optometric Political Action Committee (AOAPAC).

As with most special interests, strength lies in numbers. When a legislator hears from a VOA member optometrist, he or she knows that behind that voice is an entire membership concerned with that particular issue. When you get involved in legislative and public policy, we all see the benefits in quality patient care, our businesses and across our profession!

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Become a Key Person

Key Person: Volunteers who have an existing relationship with a legislator or are willing to forge a new relationship in order to be a conduit for the profession. If you have an interest in becoming a Key Person, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Per Virginia law, none of your dues may be used as a political contribution. All political contributions must be voluntary.

Please consider contributing generously to both VOPAC and the Legal-Legislative Fund.


2022 VOPAC

Give to AOA-PAC

The American Optometric Association Political AOA-PAC is your voice to help elect candidates who understand and support optometry's interest. These are not member dues, but money freely given by doctors of optometry in recognition of the importance of the political process.


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