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What Is VOPAC and LLF?

The Virginia Optometric Association's Political Action Committee (VOPAC) is governed by a separate Board of Directors appointed by the VOA President. VOPAC provides contributions to campaigns for candidates and incumbents to the Virginia State Senate, House of Delegates, Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General. Contributions to incumbents and candidates is based on their relationship with the optometric profession, voting records, and commitment to quality eye and vision care services.

VOPAC is a separate segregated fund and is registered with the Virginia State Board of Elections. All contributions are voluntary and are not tax deductible. Personal, business and corporate checks for contributions to VOPAC are permitted by State law. Donations written by a business account will be reported to the State Board of Elections from the business and not the individual. Your decision to contribute will not result in an advantage or disadvantage in your relationship with VOA or VOPAC. State laws request that PACS use the best efforts to obtain and report the name, mailing address, occupation, and employer of each individual who contributes more than $100 in a calendar year.
The VOA LLF (Legal Legislative Fund) is governed by the VOA Board of Trustees. Contributions are voluntary and may be tax deductible as a business related expense (but not as a charitable contribution). The LLF is used to assist in offsetting costs for the VOA to represents its members' interests in legal, legislative and regulatory issues.

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