2018 Annual Conference Wrap Up

2018 Annual Conference Wrap Up
Dr. Rick Lodwick
Annual Conference Chair

Thank you for attending the 116th Virginia Optometric Association Annual Conference. We had a great time!

Norfolk was the prime location for our annual meeting and the Hilton The Main did not disappoint. The bar was set high following last year’s conference and fitting for Harborfest weekend, the longest-running maritime festival in the nation, this year’s blew it out of the water.

Our conference kicked-off early Friday morning with breakfast followed by a full day of engaging education, which included a workshop for those looking to increase their scope-of-practice. The Exhibit Hall welcomed us with familiar faces and new technologies as we socialized with those who support our industry. Following dinner many took to the waterfront to take in Harborfest, dancing the night away to live music.

Saturday continued with early morning breakfast and lectures followed by the VOA’s business meeting. Here, attending members heard updates on what our association has accomplished over the previous year with a look ahead to the coming year. Saturday evening we donned our black-ties and dresses to celebrate Virginia Optometry and our president Dr. Adam Parker at the President’s Banquet and Awards Dinner. Harborfest fireworks then entertained us as we socialized rooftop, overlooking the Elizabeth River, enjoying drinks and each other’s company. The night ended late with more live music on the waterfront after a busy day of learning and activities.

Sunday wrapped up the conference weekend with coding alpha to zulu, concluding yet another spectacular Virginia conference.

We’ll see you in Richmond as we return to our capital city in June 2019!

IMG 0288
Executive Director Mr. Bo Keeney and his wife Sarah at the VOA registration desk.
IMG 0293
IMG 0295
Dr. Nate Lighthizer lectures on lumps and bumps.
IMG 0296
A packed house forthe 116th VOA Annual Conference.
IMG 0309
Past Presidents Dr. Jery Neidigh and Dr. Joe Droter.
IMG 0312
Dr. Nate Lighthizer of Oklahoma addresses the crowd along with President Dr. Adam Parker and AOA Trustee Dr. Rob Benner.
IMG 0317
President Dr. Adam Parker addresses the lecture hall.
IMG 0319
AOA Trustee Dr. Rob Benner speaks about national topics.
IMG 0320
Dr. Nate Lighthizer lectures on chalazion pathophysiology.
IMG 0323
A packed house welcomes the doctors from Oklahoma and Kentucky.
IMG 0324
Annual Conference chair, Dr. Rick Lodwick strolls through the exhibit hall.
IMG 0328
Dr. Walt Whitley presents a lecture during Friday lunch.
IMG 0330
Dr. Walt Whitley lectures to the crowd.
IMG 0332
IMG 0337
IMG 0338
IMG 0343
IMG 0349
IMG 0352
Dr. Scott Dilzer and Dr. George Brown share some time together.
IMG 0355
IMG 0362
IMG 0364
Dr. Nate Lighthizerbeings the injectoins lab.
IMG 0369
IMG 0375
IMG 0383
Dr. Nate Lighthizer holds court conerning practicing with the Ellman unit.
IMG 0387
IMG 0388
IMG 0395
IMG 0405
IMG 0413
IMG 0423
IMG 0436
Dr. Jeff Michaels performs a lid injection.
IMG 0440
IMG 0445
IMG 0447
IMG 0455
Dr. Tom Cheezem gets a feel for using the Ellman unit.
IMG 0465
Dr. Aaron McNulty (left) and Dr. nate Lighthizer
IMG 0467
Dr. Aaron McNulty (left), Dr. Adam Parker (middle), and Dr. Nate Lighthizer after the VOA injections lab. Thanks guys!
IMG 0474
Hoya presented with plaque for being a 2018 GOLD Partner!
IMG 0480
Johnson & Johnson awarded with plaque for being a 2018 GOLD Partner!
IMG 0485
Allergan awarded with plaque for being a 2018 GOLD Partner!
IMG 0490
Bausch and Lomb awarded with plaque for being a 2018 GOLD Partner!
IMG 0492
Zeiss presented with a plaque for being a 2018 GOLD Partner!
IMG 0495
IMG 0499
IMG 0503
IMG 0505
IMG 0511
IMG 0514
IMG 0519
IMG 0520
IMG 0523
IMG 0532
IMG 0535
IMG 0538
IMG 0540
IMG 0542
Dr. Rick Lodwick, Chair of the Annual Conference, speaks before a lecture.
IMG 0546
Dr. Jim Thimons lectures on glaucoma.
IMG 0548
IMG 0564
IMG 0565
IMG 0566
IMG 0570
IMG 0575
IMG 0576
IMG 0583
IMG 0586
IMG 0587
IMG 0591
IMG 0599
IMG 0603
President Dr. Adam Parker with his childhood Optometrist and Past VOA President, Dr. Ken Lebow.
IMG 0606
Dr. Adam Parker (left) presents Dr. Scott Mann with a plaque of appreciation for his time on the Board of Trustees.
IMG 0616
Past Presidents meeting
IMG 0621
IMG 0627
IMG 0640
IMG 0648
The 2018 VOA Board of Trustees.
IMG 0655
The 2018 VOA Board of Trustees.
IMG 0713
IMG 0730
IMG 0732
IMG 0739
IMG 0812
IMG 0815
Up and coming leaders of the VOA!
IMG 0823
Past Keyperson of the Year award winnder dr. Joe Droter (left) presents the 2018 Keyperson of the Year award to Dr. Jeff Goldberg.
IMG 0825
Past Distinguished Achievement award recipient Dr. Jeff Michaels (right) presents the 2018 Distinuished Achievement award to Dr. Joe Droter.
IMG 0828
Past OD ofthe Year Dr. Rob Allen (right) presents the 2018 Viginia Optometrist of the Year to Dr. Adam Parker.
IMG 0839
Dr. Walt Whitley presents tokens of appreciation to outgoing president Dr. Adam Parker.
IMG 0844
Dr. Luke SPiker (past Young Optometrist of the Year) presents the 2018 Young Optoemtrist of the Year to Dr. Amanda Umlandt.
IMG 0849
Dr. Parker and his son Ethan
IMG 0856
IMG 0875
Immediate Past President Dr. Adam Parker and his family enjoy a few moments after the Awards Banquet.
Dr. Ron Benner addresses the VOA emerging leaders
Dr. Ron Benner addresses the VOA emerging leaders
AOA Trustee Dr. Ron Benner speaks with young ODs at the emerging leaders meeting.
Emerging Leaders Meeting
Luke Spiker speaks with young ODs at the emerging leaders meeting
Industry Relation Chair Dr. Jerry Neidigh speaks before the emerging leaders meeting.
100 ODs gather to learn injections.
Dr. Jerry Neidigh speaks at the Emerging Leaders meeting.
Allergan was gracious enough to sponsor our Emerging Leaders meeting.
Dr. Joe Droter speaks to the young ODs at the Emerging Leaders meeting.
Allergan speaking before Emergning Leaders meeting.

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