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Dr. Anthony Zarella and Dr. Jerry Neidigh discuss optometric training and how HB 213 and SB 375 will increase access to eye care for all Virginians.
In his Feb. 4 opinion piece, “Eye surgery should be left to the experts,” Dr. Michael Keverline blurred the lines of reality regarding critical legislation that will help Virginians...
With schools starting around Virginia, VOA member Dr. Jerry Neidigh shares tips for keeping kids’ eyes healthy this year.
Whether your children are returning to school in-person or virtually, it is important to keep your children’s eyes healthy this school year. Dr. Lisa Gontarek shares her tips on...
When Alison first sat down with Dr. Dodge Perry, an optometrist at NOVA Vision Center, she joked with him saying, “At least when I'm here, I know you're not...
Dr. Lisa Gontarek discusses how Virginians will benefit from this year's laser legislation.
Although Dr. Amanda Umlandt was trained to perform in-office laser procedures, she's not able to perform them in Virginia to help her patients in rural Appalachia.
New officers and trustees of the Virginia Optometric Association: immediate past president, Dr. Jenny Alsop; trustees are Dr. Michael F. Polo, Dr. Jonathan R. Noble and Dr. Jacqueline M....
Over the last 16 months, we’ve heard a lot about our physical and mental health. In addition to increased instances of anxiety, depression...
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17 results - showing 1 - 10
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