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Virginia Employment Commission

Department of Labor Poster on Employee Rights

Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Employee Paid Leave Rights

  • HB6201
    • Guarantees 10 paid sick days (80 hours) to full-time workers at 2 different tier levels (IF they qualify):
      • Tier 1 - 100% of salary (up to $511/day) ONLY IF they are affected by Coronavirus in any of these ways:
        1. The employee has COVID-19
        2. The employee is under either a state-issued quarantine (as of March 24, this is not the case in Virginia) or directed to self-quarantine by their own physician
        3. Caring for an “individual” in either 1 or 2
      • Tier 2 - 2/3 the salary (up to $200/day) if they are affected by Coronavirus in any of these ways
        1. Caring for a son or daughter whose school closed or caregiver is unavailable
        2. Employee has a substantially similar medical condition as COVID-19 (more details on this coming, but for example, if an employee has flu-like symptoms and has not necessarily been diagnosed with COVID-19, then this would apply)
    • Effective date: April 2; no retroactivity
    • No waiting period, can be an employee for <30 days
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
    • Provides: 10 days unpaid leave followed by paid leave at 2/3 wages (capped at $200/day), for up to a total of 12 weeks
    • For whom?; If employee cannot work or telework due to child’s (under 18) school closing or caregiver unavailable
    • Effective date: April 2; no retroactivity
    • Must be employed for 30 calendar days

Note: Details are coming, but the talk now is that businesses will be reimbursed for these employee benefits via credits given to your business when filing your Form 941s quarterly. The percentage is hoped to be "dollar for dollar" or 100%,of your expenses, but it is as yet unclear.

Legal Advice: Members with employment questions specific to their situation should contact their attorney for legal advice as may be necessary.

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