VOA Constitution and Bylaws



  1. This organization shall be known and designated as the VIRGINIA OPTOMETRIC ASSOCIATION, INCORPORATED.
  2. The former name of THE VIRGINIA STATE OPTICAL ASSOCIATION, INC. is being preserved on the books of the State Corporation Commission by the Virginia Optometric Association, Inc. for sentimental reasons.
  3. The Association shall affiliate with the American Optometric Association, Inc. under the rules and conditions provided for in the Constitution and By‑Laws of said Association.


The objects of this Association shall be:

  1. To improve the vision care and health of the public and to promote the art and science of the profession of Optometry.
  2. To promote in all lawful ways the welfare of the members of the Association, the profession of Optometry, and the improvement of materials, methods, education, technology and competence of individuals practicing therein.
  3. To support the laws and regulations of the Commonwealth of Virginia relating to the profession of Optometry and to assist in the enforcement thereof.
  4. To assist the Virginia Board of Optometry in the proper discharge of its duties.
  5. To advance the theory, practice, art and science of Optometry and its allied arts and sciences; to enhance the status of optometrists, and to improve the delivery of vision care services.
  6. To coordinate national, state and local activities in furtherance of the objectives of this Association.
  7. To develop programs for the education of consumers of vision care and health services.
  8. To encourage the development and innovations in health care delivery systems.
  9. To promote conduct by optometrists in their practices which exhibit the highest standards of competence and integrity such that their practices may merit the confidence of the public.

ARTICLE III: Organization

  • Section 1. Local Societies.
    • In each of the geographic regions which boundaries shall be established by the Association=s Board of Trustees, there shall be established a Local Optometric Society. Each member of this Association shall also be a member of the Local Optometric Society for the region in which their principal practice (more than 50% of time in practice) is conducted. Upon recognition by this Association such Local Optometric Society shall be recognized an affiliate of the Virginia Optometric Association, Inc. Such local societies shall adhere to all provisions of these Constitution and By‑Laws.
  • Section 2. Membership.
    • The membership of this Association shall consist of licensed optometrists and other persons whose classifications, qualifications, privileges, and obligations shall be established in the By‑Laws of this Association.

ARTICLE IV: Government

  • Section 1. Legislative Power.
    • The legislative and policy making body of this Association shall be the membership when in session.
  • Section 2. Board of Trustees.
    • The administrative body of this Association shall be the Board of Trustees which shall implement the policies established by the membership, which shall have general charge of the management of the affairs, funds and property of the Association when the membership is not in session. The Board of Trustees shall have full power and it shall be its duty to carry out the purposes of the Association according to the Constitution and By‑Laws and as established and adopted by the membership. It shall transact the necessary business of the corporation in the intervals between meetings of the Association and such other business as may be referred to it by the membership.
      • (a) The Board of Trustees shall be comprised of the President, President-Elect, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, Immediate Past President and nine additional members elected by the membership. The Executive Director shall serve as a non‑voting member of the Board of Trustees.
      • (b) All members of the Board of Trustees, in addition to all VOA Department heads and committee members duly appointed by the VOA President, shall be considered trustees of the association.
  • Section 3. Officers.
    • The officers of this Association shall be a President, President‑Elect, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer.

ARTICLE V: Amendments

  1. The Constitution and By‑Laws, or any part thereof, may be amended or repealed by the membership at the annual meeting or at a special meeting provided that a notice of the proposed change(s) is distributed to the membership not less than 30 days prior to the meeting.
  2. Any amendment or repeal of the Constitution or By‑Laws must receive an affirmative vote of not less than two‑thirds of the active members present and voting to become effective.
  3. Amendments or repeal hereof shall become effective upon its passage unless otherwise stated in the amendment or repeal.
By Laws, Article I: Officers

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All doctor members of the Virginia Optometric Association are licensed to practice Optometry in Virginia.

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